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Direct Mail Advertising Services Getting You in Your Customers’ Door

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Direct mail advertising remains a very viable industry. In 2003 direct mail marketing comprised 43% of all mail in the United States. This shows that the general public still wants to receive ads directly sent to their door. While the influx of social media advertising has the appearance of "taking over”, many consumers still prefer not to be inundated with spam type emails. They also don't want to do time consuming Internet searches to see if their local fitness center is offering any promotions for new members.
What is direct mail advertising?
Direct mail advertising has been around for decades. It is different from other forms of ad-mail in that the advertisements are generally mailed alone rather than bundled with a group of other ads, such as a flyer bundle or envelope pack. Direct mail advertising also utilizes techniques to ensure your marketing is reaching the target areas that are of interest to you. Data analysis will determine where your potential client base is located and send your mailers to that area exclusively. It doesn't make good financial sense to spend advertising dollars in areas that may never offer a return on investment. Simply put, you don't want to have your direct mail postcards for your business sent to areas where people just wouldn't be able to make it to your establishment or might have no interest in what you have to offer.
How does direct mail work?
Direct mail is a very successful marketing tool. Even in today's technology and media based world, people are still looking at and responding to direct mail advertising. Knowing your target market is the first step to successful direct mailing campaigns. Work closely with a company that specializes in this type of marketing to determine what is involved in finding your demographic. Once you have determined where your potential clients reside, the next step is to develop a great ad. You want to create something that will stand out from the rest of the mail that your customers receive. Some of the best direct mail campaigns are the ones that have a call to action such as a coupon, or "bring the ad in” to receive a gift or complimentary service. The ad will develop interest in your product – once they are in the door it's your chance to shine and make the sale!
Direct mail vs. media
While both types of advertising are very effective in the marketplace today, there are advantages to direct mail over media marketing. Depending on the type of business you operate, your potential clientele may not computer savvy. In this case, mailings could be the only opportunity you have to reach your customers. Direct mail ads have another advantage over media in that they offer a tangible way to deliver a coupon or other special offer that your clients will want to use. Media advertising works well for things that people might search for often online, but for other services, such as a quick oil change location or a new dry cleaner, direct mail could be the only way for people to know you are in their neighbourhood and you want to know them. Direct mailings are still a very reliable means of advertising, even in the data age. You will get your business in the door of your potential clients with a direct mail advertising service.

How direct mail advertising generates leads

Direct mail advertising has long been one of the most popular methods for generating leads. While it does take a bit of upfront cash to produce these mailing materials as well as generate a mailing list, the lead generation and benefits for business that you can see in sales will well make up for the initial cost.

Most companies today are quite happy to focus on utilizing social media, e-mail and other digital means to generate leads. While these are quite effective a physical document direct mailed out to someone can also work to generate leads in a more traditional manner. Using direct mail as well as these digital means can allow you to supercharge your lead generation. When people are exposed to multiple offers for the same product or service they may be even more likely to check it out online or even give you a sale.

Let's think of some of the businesses that use direct mail marketing very successfully. Companies that sell cell phone plans, restaurants, fitness companies, home improvement companies and more all use direct mail marketing for lead generation. If you are in one of these industries and you are interested in reaching out to a local market direct mail is one of the best tools at your disposal for doing so. Finding a local mailing list and using promotional direct mail for people in your area will draw them break into your business and get people talking about your business as well. For local lead generation direct mail is paramount for businesses in the service industry. Pairing with a successful direct mail advertising company like directmailadvertisingservices.net will allow you to generate the appropriate material and get started with a direct-mail campaign in your area targeting local leads that you can convert into sales.

You could take on a direct-mail marketing effort by yourself but take some time to create promotional materials and to generate the mailing list to advertise these materials and send them out to your market. A company like Directmailadvertisingservices.net employs experts to deliver promotional materials that work for your business. They have experience working with large companies like the YMCA, Sears, Ford, Golds Gym, Verizon and State Farm just to name a few. They can work with you to precisely target your audience and demographic and then send out direct mail that will generate the leads that you need to succeed.

5 Tips To Generate Leads Using Direct Mail Advertising

It is a fact that many companies are looking for ways to reach customers and potential clients, and traditional marketing care most of the time replaced by online advertising or other high-tech technique. But what many people don’t realize is that traditional marketing like direct mail advertising is still an important vehicle in generating leads, supporting campaigns, promoting special offers and communicating with clients to raise visibility in the market. With that in mind, here are some tips that Front Door Advertising uses in order to maximize the technique.

1. Define goals

Before starting direct mail advertising, it is very important to have a specific objective in mind and make sure to tie your goals to your marketing plan. For example, you must have a specific number of clients you want to have or the number of replies you need and create a campaign to meet your goals.

2. Find the right audience

It is essential that after defining your goals, you must find the right people for your campaign. You can try working with a listing broker or someone who has a volunteered contact information for different markets. Narrow down the list as much as possible so that you can talk directly to your potential clients and have better results. Finding the right audience will make all the difference from finding the wrong people that will only capsize your efforts.

3. Focus on what you can offer

Many people forget that when it comes to direct mail advertising that you must not overwhelm the audience about every detail of your company and products. The best thing that you can do is to focus on what you can offer, the purpose of the mail and a call to action. It must include an explanation of why it can help them learn about your product and why they must have it now. Make a simple list of the key benefits but don’t make the message dull with all the details of your products and your company’s history.

4. Develop content, then be creative

Another neglected idea that you must remember is to define the content to achieve your goal. You must first determine the number of copies, the kind of graphics to include and the promotion of your offer. After doing this you can start the design process with Front Door Advertising. Keep in mind that ad copywriting is a skill that takes time to master. Don’t assume that doing it yourself will have great results unless you did it before successfully.

5. Test measure and improve

Mail is a great way to test your ideas. You have the option to choose a random set of people from your list, send mail, measure the response, modify the mail and send to another set. Doing this improves the audience list, the offer you make, the content and the overall design. Commit to continuously improving and use what you learn to have a successful direct mail advertising campaign today and in the future. And never forget to follow up your initial campaign, especially if it is garnering great results. By following up, you increase brand awareness that helps build rapport and loyal customers.

Get Better Results Using Direct Mail Tracking

Even though we live in a digital world that just seems to get more digital every day, many businesses benefit from direct mail campaigns. Companies that utilize direct mail campaigns usually result in a high lead response. With so many mailers sent out,how do companies know which customers they gained as a result of their mailing campaign? The answer is simple. Tracking.


Companies can track their direct mail campaigns to prove that they are successful. The best and easiest way to do this with a "Call Tracking number". A call tracking number is a unique phone number that will be prominently printed on the direct mailers, mostly in proximity to the call to action. This way, every call that comes in can be tracked to that specific direct mail campaign.


Why do companies want to do this? Other than to calculate the campaign’s return on investment, tracking the mail campaign will tell companies what actually works for their customer base. Customers may respond better to a certain offer or design than others, and this allows a company to refine their mailing campaign strategy to get the best results.


Direct mailers grab potential customers’ interest by being a little more personal than a radio or television ad. These mailers show the customer that the company wants their business as an individual. Customers do not know how many direct mailers a company sends out, so as far as they know they were specifically picked to receive that mailer. Direct mail makes the customer feel important and this leads them to your business.


Obviously, a successful direct mail campaign will send out more than 100 mailers. Most companies should be sending them out by the hundreds or thousands once they discover what type of campaign is more effective in generating leads and a reasonable return on investment.


The proof is in the numbers that direct mail campaigns work. Businesses of all kinds are using this method to get more leads to their businesses.

Boost your Business Sales by using Direct Mail Advertising

Whether you are a restaurant, gym, Cell Phone Company, home improvement entity or a storage corporation; direct mail is a quite powerful tool that can grow your business. But just like any other tactic that is being used in the market world, success will be determined by the strategy you adopt. From using flyers, catalogues, postcards to letters for sending promotions and offers to consumers; direct mail is a strategy that has been utilized for many years and still works in acquiring new customers, promoting seminars and eventually building businesses.

Right from the start of your campaign, you need to have a formidable strategy in place. Establish what you wish to accomplish such as building awareness, targeting new customers or inviting people to an event. This will help you determine the budget and the frequency at which you will mail the same group.

Plan to adopt a direct response campaign that has a call to action and targets a specific list by geographical area, income level, industry and gender that are likely to use your products or services.

Successful mail advertising should follow a certain formula and getting someone with the expertise, tools and knowledge in this area will definitely give you a cutting edge over other competitors. Moreover, you can have a split test done with a small sample size to see which mailing generates a better response.

Direct mail advertising is highly targeted with businesses being able to purchase mailing lists of potential customers. Whether you are a small restaurant or a big fitness company, you will get the right target audience for your advertising campaign making it more effective. Moreover, you get to individualize each mail with the consumer’s name thus a higher chance of them buying the product or service.

Get a wide range of eye-appealing and colorful designs for your advertising brochures. You also get to control the message you want to convey to your target audience. The fact that you can have many printed copies makes it a cost effective tactic for your business.

Gyms can send postcards to inform the market of their service while cell phone companies can send free samples of their wares or components. Depending on the budget, a business can include as much information as they want in their campaign.

Getting your direct mail campaign started does not take long. But once you do, the possibilities for your business are limitless.

Why You Will Love Direct Mail Advertising

Considered to be the oldest trick in the book when it comes to getting hot new leads, direct mail advertising has been around since the invention of the mailbox. The way direct mail advertising works is actually very easy. Ads that you (or we) design are sent directly to the mailboxes of the customers that you want to target in your area. When your customers read through their mail, they’ll find your ad, and then they will contact you and ask for the services that you advertised.

There are many advantages to direct mail advertising. The most important advantage is that you don’t have to hire staff to get the attention of your customers – they will come to you after they see your ad. Another major perk is that you actually can expect them to work. It’s incredibly convenient, and it is also very easy to carry out for first time advertisers. Direct mail is one of the most predictable forms of traditional advertising available, and it always carries an average to good return.

Best of all, direct mail advertising is exceptionally cheap when compared to television, radio, and other forms of marketing. With direct mail, you don’t have to worry about breaking the bank before your business breaks even. So, whether you are a new cell phone company, a local gym in need of some new clients, or just a construction company that wants to reach out to people who have been affected by a local disaster, direct mail is the right move for you.

Getting into direct mail advertising is cheap, effective, convenient, and only takes a couple of minutes to do once you have the ad that you want to mail out. If you have been seeing your sales lagging, it may be time to reach out to your local direct mailer to see what they can do for you.